Let's not forget Kashmir!

It's close to 50 days that Kashmir has been under a communication blackout. It disturbs me how we have stopped talking about it. Just 2 days of a red profile picture and few story shares, is that all your concern is.

We call it our part. We say Kashmir is an inseparable part of India. Then why such indifference to the suffering of that very part. If India is a human body, then Kashmir is it's head. If your head is covered with a cloth, how can you function normally.

Don't tell me it's for their benefit. I wonder how kids not going to schools is benefitting us. Even though schools are open, if I were a parent I would not send my child to school in such situations.

A communication breakdown doesn't just mean no talking. It breaks the very network the society works on. Imagine all phones of your entire city are taken over. Now think how your life will look like. You won't be able to talk to family members, can't call anyone in case of emergency, no way to get any information about anything.

If you can't do anything. Atleast talk about them. Don't ignore their plight. This just shows how we don't really care for Kashmir and just want it at any cost.

If you say Kashmir is India's own then treat it like your own, don't just claim it as your own.



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